Can Sleep Hypnotherapy Help You Beat Insomnia?

can sleep hypnotherapy help you beat insomniaIt is almost inevitable that a sleep deprived client will only contact us for help after they have tried almost everything else to get a good nights sleep first. They probably started by visiting their doctor and no doubt got some sleeping tablets to use in the very short term. When those didn’t do the job and the doctor couldn’t help any further they might have tried natural remedies, acupuncture or reiki and so on until eventually until in desperation we got the call. Sleep hypnotherapy is often the clients very last choice because they are unaware of how helpful it can be in resolving issues with insomnia.

Hypnosis for Sleep and Relaxation

Even though many people believe they should be asleep in hypnosis this is far from the case. This myth is perpetuated by stage hypnosis. In fact none of the people on the stage are sleeping. The term is just used for dramatic impact and the audience laps it up because the people on stage seem quiet and still. In fact when you are in hypnosis your mind is still able to work as normal but your body becomes incredibly relaxed.

In a clinical hypnosis setting sleep hypnotherapy is used to to three things. Firstly to relax the persons body so that any muscle tension starts to drop. Then we move on to relaxing the mind so that anxieties and fears are pushed into the background allowing the mind to switch off into sleep. Finally if necessary we are also able to ask questions to our clients whilst they are in hypnosis to find out why they may have a problem.

If you have an underlying anxiety or worry then you are more likely to be prone to sleep problems. Why not get a copy of our free five step formula to manage issues with anxiety or ring us to ask about  anxiety hypnosis.

anxiety and stress management hypnosis
Free anxiety management sheet

Sleep Hypnosis and Underlying Anxieties

When we use sleep hypnotherapy with our clients we start by taking a general assessment. This allows us to look at the various stresses and strains that a person may be under. It is inevitable that when stress levels are high then it is going to be harder to get a good nights sleep. So knowing whether they have any relationship problems, issues at work or something on their mind can be important in eliminating the problem.

In addition to the general assessment we also ask about sleep routines. Good sleep hygiene is so important in allowing a person to get a good nights sleep. The problem is that our lives tend to be full on which means that for some people they never fully switch off. If you come home and read your emails late into the night, spend your evenings messaging your friends or like to work late then you are more likely to have an issue. Sadly there is no easy way to tell a client that they can’t have it all and something has to give. As part of our insomnia program all our clients are given an incredibly strict sleep program to follow for a couple of weeks which can reset their sleeping patterns.

Of course it is possible that there may be also something else causing the problem that is hidden in the subconscious. In subsequent sessions this can be explored as without resolving this issue it can be impossible for a person to get a good nights rest. As an example one of our clients always subconsciously tried to stay awake after an incident where a car had ploughed into her front room years before. Her underlying thought process was how could she have rescued her children if she hadn’t been awake at that moment.

Another had a fear of aliens. Ok sounds strange I know but stick with me. As a child they had been allowed to stay up to watch a program on TV about aliens invading the earth. That night they went to bed terrified that the aliens would come and get them so they stayed awake looking out for the danger. Years later they had totally forgotten about the program but a part of their mind was still on high alert for danger. When they remembered why they had the problem a part of their mind could finally let go as they knew there was no such thing as an alien.  Help a person to rationalise why they have the problem and it is often enough to eradicate the issue completely.

Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

As well as conducting hypnosis with our clients we also give everyone who comes to see us a guided sleep meditation for Insomnia. We ask that our clients use this every evening in bed at the same time as following our strict sleep protocol. This sleep hypnosis audio is fantastic at quietening the mind and allowing our clients to switch off.  You can download the audio to try yourself by heading over to our online shop.

guided sleep meditation for insomniaGuided sleep meditation for insomnia

Does Sleep Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Whilst we are on the subject of sleep it is worth mentioning whether sleep hypnosis works for weight loss. In other words can a person put on a weight loss download at night and lose the pounds? Well there is actually no definitive answer to this. Some people can just use hypnosis downloads and find that they make a profound difference to their lives. Others need therapy to understand why they have a problem and address the underlying causes of their eating. These people will never lose weight from just a download alone and need a therapists help to work out their issues. As weight loss hypnosis downloads are significantly cheaper than therapy it might be worth trying the audios first to see what happens. If they don’t do everything you want them to do then save up and invest in therapy. We have a wide selection of these weight loss audios in our online shop.

Hypnosis for Insomnia Near Me

I know that loads of people good where to find hypnosis for insomnia near me to find there local hypnotherapists but this really isn’t necessary anymore. To get the very best sleep hypnotherapy you can see an expert such as myself wherever you are in the world. Yep you never need to leave the house! Now I do offer hypnosis in Nottingham if you want to come and see me in person but geography doesn’t have to be an issue with the wonders of the internet. Just fill out the contact form below if you need help with insomnia or any other issue or give me a call on 01636 650 521.

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