Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Anxiety

Hypnosis for Public Speaking anxietySo your boss has asked you to do a presentation in front of a sales conference and the thought is filling you with dread. Or perhaps your best friend is getting married and guess who they want to do a speech at the wedding, yep you! These types of scenarios probably want to make you run for the hills and get away as far as possible from the perceived threat. This is where hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety can help you to take back control and face your fears.

Phobia of Public Speaking

What exactly is the threat that is making you sweat or causing your heart to beat faster and louder? There certainly isn’t any danger or harm that is going to happen from making a speech but your brain and body make you feel as if there is. Typically the fear tends to revolve around a worry that you are either going to embarrass yourself on the stage or be judged on what you say or do. I can almost guarantee that this fear developed when you were a young child.

Imagine the scenario. You have been asked to participate in the school play and your role is third sheep from the left. Everything is going ok until you trip over something on the stage and fall flat on your face. Everyone in the audience and on the stage is looking at you and laughing. Yikes says your brain this is the worst thing ever and from that point on it makes a decision that from that point on you need to avoid  entering into similar situations in case it happens again.

Tips to Overcome Public Speaking Nerves

This type of scenario is one that we see all the time when using hypnosis for public speaking anxiety. Our clients have had a minor trauma when they were younger which made them feel stupid or foolish and they have spent a good portion of their lives avoiding similar situations. As they get old they have totally forgotten the original reason for the problem but the anxiety persists. Our job is to help our clients alter the old thought process so that they can speak with confidence in public.

One of the first things we explain is that the more you avoid doing something the bigger the fear becomes. Facing your fears even if it is only in a small way at the start is important in taking back control over the phobia.

Secondly we need to teach you to relax and stop thinking inwardly. Rather than focusing and worrying about what is going on in your head or body we need you to move your thoughts externally so you can distract yourself.

Finally we need you to understand why your problem began and get your brain to rationalise the fear by remembering the original incident that started it and this is where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety is the perfect tool for the job as it uses deep relaxation during the process which calms down the fight or flight response. When you are more chilled out you can’t have the same level of panic at all. Then when you are in this calm state a skilled clinical hypnotherapist can guide you through a series of non leading questions to remember the original incident that sparked off the problem. Find this and now therapy can be directed as the exact problem instead of guessing.

Public Speaking Nerves Programs

We run hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety sessions at our clinics in Nottinghamshire or online via Skype, Facetime or Facebook video. We also have a popular download course which you can buy in our online store if you would like to try self hypnosis for public speaking. Just contact us via the form below or give us a call on 01636 650 521 and we will happily have a quick chat with you to arrange your sessions.

hypnosis for public speaking anxietyHypnotherapy for Public Speaking Anxiety Self Hypnosis

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