OCD Treatment and Hypnotherapy

OCD treatment and hypnotherapyOCD is a hugely debilitating form of anxiety and if you are suffering from the condition then it can be extremely hard to know where to get help. In fact less than 10% of adults who have the condition are currently in any form of treatment for the problem. Most of our clients will have lived with the problem for years before they seek help or therapy. There are many possible ways to manage the condition but we use a form of OCD treatment involving hypnotherapy.

OCD Therapy

Traditional OCD therapy typically involves CBT or methods to help lessen the obsessions or compulsions. What they don’t do is help you understand why you may have the problem. We believe this is a really important step in the OCD recovery process. Getting to know how you mind is working and why it is making you do something firstly takes away some of the fear attached to the anxiety. This alone can create immediate relief. More importantly it allows you mind to rationalise your behaviour from a new perspective. When the conscious brain finally catches up with the subconscious it can be a powerful form of OCD treatment as it begins to change not only the way you think but your actions as well.

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Overcoming OCD with Hypnosis

In the case of OCD high anxiety is felt when you try not to do what your brain is compelling you to do or think. For example your brain may want you to wash you hands repeatedly and if you don’t do this your anxiety will rise and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable. CBT may ask you to try and prolong the period between washing your hands so that the fear rises and then falls again. Over time the plan will be that the periods between hand washing get longer. This can be helpful but it doesn’t get to the bottom of the problem so that OCD therapy can be aimed at the real issue.

When we use hypnosis as an OCD treatment we get our clients relaxed enough to find out why the problem began in the first place. One of our clients with a fear of contamination was worried about infecting others with germs because when she was a little girl her baby sister had died. As she was a little child herself at the time she blamed herself for the death even though she had nothing to do with it. This fear that she might hurt someone else manifested itself in a fear of contamination and an obsession with cleanliness. When my client understood exactly why the problem was there the anxiety dropped significantly as her adult rational mind could step in and challenge the old thought patterns.

No matter what form of OCD anxiety our clients have there is always a rational explanation behind it. Find the underlying reason and you can make a very significant impact on any underlying anxiety.

Self-Hypnosis for OCD

Self-hypnosis for anxiety reduction can also help to change the intensity of the condition. The more stressed and anxious you feel the more likely it is that your symptoms will get worse. Teach yourself to get calm and relaxed and the obsessions or compulsions also get lower. This is why we have created our Ultimate self hypnosis to stop anxiety program. Consisting of five audios is teaches you to increase relaxation, reduce anxiety, stop worrying and negative thinking, reduce feelings of panic and sleep deeply. This audio program can be purchased in our online store.

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OCD recovery is possible and using a combination of deep relaxation and therapy to resolve the root cause of the condition significant positive changes can be made. Want to chat to us about your particular problem? Simply fill in the form below or call us on 01636 650 521 for more information.

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