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If you are one of the millions of people out there who suffer from insomnia then you need to understand exactly why the problem is occurring and what natural methods you can use to resolve the issue quickly. Note I say natural sleep aids rather than artificial ones. Whilst I am a great believer in doctors I am not a great lover of sleeping tablets but more about that later. If you are having a problem getting to sleep then your brain is giving you a message. It is telling you that you are not tired enough, that you are anxious, stressed, in pain, too hot or cold or have taken medication that is impacting your sleep. Our Sleep hypnosis Nottingham can help with most forms of insomnia but clearly not problems related to artificial stimulants or medication. We can however deal with one of the biggest problems associated with issues related to sleep and that is stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis for Sleep and Relaxation

Most of the people who have issues with sleep are feeling stressed or anxious. In many situations they may be well aware of where their stress is coming from but some people are not even aware that they have a problem. Why? Because they have got used to the stress and live with it. The stress becomes almost normalised and plays a huge part in their sleeping patterns without them even having an awareness of it. When we work with clients for sleep hypnosis in Nottingham one of the first things we do is take an assessment of our client to try and find out what may be creating their problem. Here are just some of the common reasons you may find that you are lying awake all night:

A demanding job – Are you working 24/7 and taking your work home with you? Reading emails late at night and finding it difficult to switch off? No wonder you might be experiencing sleep problems.

Illness – Have you or one of your family members recently been ill? Are you looking after a sick relative and trying to juggle your home life and family? Is the thought of the illness worrying you? When you have things on your mind all the time it creates a problem with sleep patterns.

Relationships – Are you having a hard time with your relationship? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner arguing with you? Are their tensions in the relationship? Has one of you cheated? When their is trouble in a relationship it can be hard to switch off.

General Stress – Trouble conceiving? Worried about an exam or test? About to get married? Working unsocial hours? Just some of the other reasons you might not be able to get a good nights sleep.

Our sleep hypnotherapy in Nottinghamshire looks at your individual circumstances and then teaches you methods to switch off naturally.

Sleeping Tablets Online

Whatever you do just don’t go onto Google or Yahoo and start looking to get sleeping tablets online or from your doctor. Sleeping tablets should only be used in the most exceptional circumstances. For example after an operation or a considerable trauma. Even then they should only be used for the shortest time possible. Why? Sleeping pills are addictive and are never a long term solution for a problem with insomnia. At the very least their side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness or constipation may be unpleasant at their very worst they can kill. Each year thousands of people end up in casualty because of sleeping tablet overdoses. Even if you don’t overdose on the tablets recent research has shown that the use of sleeping tablets is linked to an early death! Step away from the tablets now and look to find another solution to your problems.

Sleep Hypnosis Audio

At Balance Hypnotherapy we have a strict protocol that we give to our clients to help them return to their natural sleeping patterns. A major part of our sleep protocol involves listening to our sleep hypnosis audio as part of this process. This is because although you can change many parts of your sleeping routine unless you manage to switch off your mind you will still experience a problem. Download our Sleep Hypnosis mp3 at our online shop now and start to reset your sleeping patterns today. This sleep download has been created to help our clients get into a deep state of relaxation. With repeated listens you will find that eventually your mind will begin to switch off from the content. This also helps it to switch off from internal thoughts or worries that may be preventing you from getting a good nights rest. Eventually you should find that you simply forget to listen at all and your mind will drift off to sleep. If you have deeper rooted anxieties or worries then give us a call to get that extra help you might need to switch off.

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Insomnia Help

For expert insomnia assistance why not call a specialist with years of experience in helping people return to a normal sleeping pattern. Our sleep hypnosis Nottingham has been designed with the aim of getting our clients back to a normal sleeping pattern within three sessions. Why not call us today on 01636 650 521 for more information today and we will be happy to have a quick consultation call with you.