Hypnotherapy for Fear of Dogs – Cynophobia Help

A Dog Phobia is one of the most common phobias that we have to work with at our clinics. After the dreaded spiders and snakes a fear of dogs comes up extremely high on the list of animal phobias that we treat. Before working with any of our clients we always check whether our clients suffer from another other forms of anxiety or fears. This is very important as it they have a cluster of problems then we need to look at the underlying causes if however it is just this one particular issue then we can usually work with exposure therapy. The difference with hypnotherapy for fear of dogs is that our exposure therapy is done under hypnosis which means our clients usually are able to overcome the problem much quicker than if the therapy was tried without this.

Dog Phobia Hypnosis Nottingham

In hypnosis you are never controlled, asleep or made to do anything that you wouldn’t like to do. Instead you are very relaxed and calm in almost a day dream like state. You are aware of your surroundings but the sounds around you bother you less providing you are comfortable in your environment and with your practitioner. Our Hypnotherapy for fear of dogs usually starts by getting you to practice self hypnosis at home with one of our relaxation hypnosis mp3 downloads. Once you have listened to this for a week or two and had your first session with a practitioner you are likely to be feeling extremely calm and peaceful during your next session.

We then ask you to find a friend or colleague who has a dog and get them to bring it in to your session. At this stage you do not have to meet the dog. We then place you into hypnosis and when you are at your most relaxed we bring the dog into the room. We may only bring the pet in for a second or two if that is all you are comfortable with at the start but at the session progresses we bring the animal closer and closer. This work proceeds at your own pace until eventually you are able to touch the dog.

Dog Phobia Treatment

Hypnotherapy for fear of dogs is an extremely effective form of treatment for the problem as one of my clients Ameeta found out. Ameeta came to see us because her fear of dogs was impacting her life. If she was walking down the road and saw one approaching she would walk to the other side of the road. She was scared of meeting one in the park and if she went to a friends house and they had a dog it would have to be locked away. This was her only fear or anxiety so we decided to proceed with exposure therapy. In less than two hours Ameeta’s phobia has gone. Have a look at our video to see how she is reacting with Alfie her friends dog following our hypnosis session.

Ameeta took only a few minutes into her second session to totally break her phobia of dogs. She had never touched a dog before and was wary of other animals as well. She believed this fear started when she was only a toddler and was chased by a dog on to a roundabout with her cousins. The dog would not go away so they had to furiously spin the roundabout to stop the dog from attacking them. From this moment this story and the fear around dogs devloped. Yet within only a few minutes of hypnosis in her second session with me Ameeta was able to break this life time fear.  By the end of the session Alfie and Ameeta were great friends and she was happy to stoke him without any fear at all.

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