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self-hypnosis for claustrophobiaHypnotherapy for Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is simply a term used to describe a fear or a phobia that you may have when you are in enclosed spaces. In most cases this fear has been caused from an incident where you have felt trapped or were unable to get out of a situation usually when you were just a young child. As the incident is likely to have occurred many years ago most adults may have forgotten the original reason for the problem but know that they experience a feeling of intense fear in certain situations where they feel unable to escape. As a fear of being trapped in an enclosed space is created by a form of anxiety it is possible to calm down the feelings of fear using self-hypnosis for claustrophobia.

Places Where You May Experience Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Claustrophobia is typically felt in situations where there is a feeling of being unable to escape or easily get out of a situation. Some of the most common problems we see that are associated with the problem include:

  • Fear of Flying
  • Feeling stuck in traffic on a motorway
  • MRI scans
  • Lifts
  • Trains
  • Locked Toilets
  • Being in crowds

None of the situations that you see in the list above are particularly scary to the average person but to a claustrophobic these can cause intense feelings of panic and a need to escape.

Therapy for Claustrophobia

Self-hypnosis for claustrophobia and treating the underlying anxiety can be a fanstastic method for learning to change the unconscious patterns of behaviour. All forms of anxiety can be controlled with some simple techniques to manage the feelings of fear. In particular our self hypnosis downloads use hypnotherapy combined with NLP, mindfulness, visualisation and breathing techniques to reduce the fear response.

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self-hypnosis claustrophobia

Our Stop Anxiety treatment program has been designed to tackle the major elements associated with fears and phobias. Using our five step audio collection you can use the power of self-hypnosis to deal with all the different aspects of the problem. Firstly our Stop Panic Attacks Audio is designed to teach you how to control feelings of panic when they arise. Whilst our Stop Anxiety audio teaches you about why anxiety exists and how you can begin to think more rationally.

We also have an audio included in the program to assist with worrying and negative thinking to prevent our clients from feeling on edge because their anxious part of their mind is too over active. Finally the program has an audio to help with sleep which can often be disrupted because of anxiety and a relaxation audio to assist with day to day stress. Managing stress is an important part of dealing with fears and phobias as the higher our stress levels the bigger anxiety becomes.

Our customers who regularly practice self-hypnosis for claustrophobia generally feel calmer, less anxious and more in control of their fears.

Claustrophobia Help

Getting control over a fear of enclosed spaces doesn’t need to be difficult and many of our clients have been able to manage their problem with self-hypnosis for claustrophobia. Why not try our self-help program in our online store which is available to buy today.




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