Self-Hypnosis for Claustrophobia

self-hypnosis for claustrophobiaClaustrophobia is simply a term used to describe a fear or a phobia that you may have when you are in enclosed spaces. In most cases this fear has been caused from an incident where you have felt trapped or were unable to get out of a situation usually when you were just a young child. As the incident is likely to have occurred many years ago most adults may have forgotten the original reason for the problem but know that they experience a feeling of intense fear in certain situations where they feel unable to escape. As a fear of being trapped in an enclosed space is created by a form of anxiety it is possible to calm down the feelings of fear using self-hypnosis for claustrophobia.

Where Might you Experience the Fear?

Claustrophobia is typically felt in situations where there is a feeling of being unable to escape or easily get out of a situation. Some of the most common problems we see that are associated with the problem include:

  • Fear of Flying
  • Being stuck in traffic on a motorway
  • MRI scans
  • Lifts
  • Trains
  • Locked Toilets
  • Being in crowds

None of the situations that you see in the list above are particularly scary to the average person but to a claustrophobic these can cause intense feelings of panic.

Claustrophobia Treatment

Self-hypnosis for claustrophobia and treating the underlying anxiety can be a fanstastic method for learning to change the unconscious patterns of behaviour. All anxieties can be controlled with some simple techniques to manage the feelings of fear. In particular our self hypnosis downloads use hypnotherapy combined with NLP, mindfulness, visualisation and breathing techniques to reduce the fear response.

self hypnosis for claustrophobia fears and phobias






self-hypnosis claustrophobia

Our Stop Anxiety treatment program has been designed to tackle the major elements associated with fears and phobias. Our five step audio collection includes the following:

A Stop Panic Attacks Self Hypnosis Audio

In this mp3 we explain the reasons for feelings of intense panic and teach you how to learn to control those feelings if they arise. All panic attacks can be self managed with the correct techniques.

Stop Anxiety Mp3 Download

In this audio download we discuss how feelings of anxiety are created and how to think rationally about the problem. This audio also helps you to address any stress which may be in your life which can increase feelings of anxiety.

Stop Worrying & Negative Thinking 

Anxiety creates a pattern that makes you focus on the very worst case scenarios that can happen no matter how unlikely the are. This is a protection mechanism from a part of the mind trying to help you feel safe. This hypervigilent state can make you feel on edge all the time but our self hypnosis audio can assist you with reducing these feelings.

Sleep Deeply mp3

For many people fears, worries and anxieties create problems with your sleep. This means it may be hard for you to quieten your mind at night and get a good restful nights sleep. This audio is designed to help to calm and relax you so you can drift off to sleep more easily and waken less in the night.


Finally our relaxation audio can help you to manage your stress levels and calm down any anxiety responses. Use this audio to find time in your day to do nothing but drift off into a state of calm to reduce your worries.

Overcoming Claustrophobia

Getting control over this phobia doesn’t need to be difficult and many of our clients have been able to manage their problem with self-hypnosis for claustrophobia. Why not try our self-help program in our online store which is available to buy today.




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