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Hypnotherapy Fear of ButtonsIf you suffer from a fear or a phobia then you are not alone as it is estimated that around 10% of the population are likely to have a problem with one in their lifetime. Many go relatively unnoticed because it is possible to avoid the problem that is giving you the fear but when the problem starts to grow professional help is often needed to regain control over your thoughts and feelings. At our clinics in Nottingham we offer help for phobias in Nottingham so that our clients can start to take manage their fears until they no longer bother them.

All phobias tend to be irrational. For example why do so many people fear spiders that they are capable of crushing? Why do some people have a fear of buttons that are simply inanimate objects? The reason is generally because in their childhoods the person with the anxiety suffered a trauma that was linked to the object. This could be a mother of father screaming in fear at a spider crawling across the living room floor. Or an incident where a child was teased or embarrassed because they were unable to button up their clothes leading to the hatred of the buttons. These incidents often tend to get repressed in a person with a phobia because it allows them to move on with their life however their subconscious mind has never forgotten the trauma and will go out of its way to prevent the same problem occurring again.

Hypnosis for Irrational Fears

Counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy can be helpful at getting a phobic to find ways of managing their problem but in many instances they are unlikely to fully resolve the problem because they do not deal with subconscious thinking.  Also if their clients do not have a clue where their problems came from or what is causing them then it can be difficult to know where to target their therapy. Our hypnosis help for phobias in Nottingham works differently because if you are sufficiently relaxed in a trance then it is usually possible to ask questions to determine what the subconscious is thinking.

Knowing the root cause of a problem allows us to directly target therapy at the actual real issue rather than guessing at what the problem may be. A perfect example of this in action would be a fear of flying hypnosis session. Many of our clients with this problem believe they have a fear of flying but in most cases this isn’t the case at all. They may suffer from claustrophobia because when they were a child then were trapped somewhere that they were unable to escape from. As they enter the plane and the doors shut the subconscious is reminded of the original incident and the feelings of panic start to grow. So what the client had told us in all honesty at the start of a session was actually incorrect now that we know the actual information we can assist with changing the feelings about the original incident.

Phobia Treatment Exposure Therapy

The other great thing about hypnosis is that it is a state of very deep relaxation which allows you to reduce your anxiety anyway. In addition with many fears and phobias it may be possible to resolve the problem without ever getting to the root cause. Subconscious suggestions alone for many people can be enough to help to change the way in which the subconscious thinks. Alternatively we can desensitise a client to their phobia whilst they are in a trance by introducing them slowly to the very thing that they may fear.

Systematic desensitisation for fears and phobias is one of the most common ways of reducing the problem. This is because initially the person with the phobia will experience some form of anxiety but the more they come in contact with the problem without negative consequences the more the fear subsides. So if a person has a button phobia we may start this process by showing the client a picture of a button from far away whilst they are in hypnosis. Gradually we can bring the picture nearer and nearer. Once they are happy to tolerate the picture then we can do the same with an actual button until eventually the fear has gone.

Self Hypnosis for Phobias

If you would like to try self hypnosis for phobias before seeing a therapist then a great place to start is by using one or our hypnosis downloads to help you. We have a number of audios for some of the most common fears and phobias including a fear of flying, public speaking program as well as driving. If we don’t stock a particular audio for your problem we recommend that you listen to our stop anxiety hypnosis audio to help you reduce the fear. All our audio downloads can be purchased in our online store or online via Itunes, Amazon or Google Play.

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Hypnotherapy to get rid of Phobias

If you would like help for phobias in Nottingham or would like to try Skype Hypnosis then please call us on 01636 650 521 to arrange your appointment. We work with everything from a fear of clowns to a fear of thunder. We are always happy to answer your questions and can arrange an appointment for your at our clinics in West Bridgford Nottingham or Newark on Trent.