OCD Therapy – 4 Ways Hypnosis Can Help.

ocd therapy hypnosisCan Hypnotherapy Help OCD?

Obsessional Compulsive Disorder is usually treated with a combination of medication and CBT but what happens when neither of these methods is making any difference to a patient? OCD therapy with hypnosis is an alternative approach that works with the subconscious mind rather than just the conscious which can be useful in creating more helpful behaviours in some people.

OCD Treatment Without Medication 

Therapists should never get involved in whether a patient should or shouldn’t be on a particular medication. If you worry about being on medication always ask your GP or medical professional how you can come off it without any side effects. Only try a natural treatment for OCD without medication once this discussion has been had.

Medication is not the answer for everyone no more than hypnosis is however if you have been on medication for a significant period of time without improvement it may be necessary for you to explore other avenues. OCD hypnosis can be a really helpful method for many people because it helps to manage the problem naturally. Here are four ways in which it can help:

1) Hypnosis for Intrusive Thoughts Reduces Anxiety

Every OCD client that we have had walk through our door has been driven to see us because their stress and anxiety levels are through the roof. OCD is an exhausting condition because all your energy is placed into conducting a ritual or compulsion to stop your anxiety. Yet the more reinforce these behaviours the stronger the OCD becomes so that more and more of your time is spent in a worry loop which you find it impossible to get out of. The more time you spend following this pattern the bigger your anxiety becomes.

OCD therapy with hypnosis helps by calming you down. This is because hypnosis involves deep relaxation and gives you time out from your OCD cycle. Practice self-hypnosis in combination with your hypnosis sessions and bit by bit you should find that your anxiety levels are reduced further. As your anxiety and stress levels come down it is now so much easier for a therapist to work with you to reduce your problem.

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2) OCD Therapy To Alter the Subconscious

Traditional OCD therapy is aimed at changing your conscious thought patterns which is fine if you are one of the people who respond to this approach but what if you don’t? Most of us are unaware that many of our most unhelpful traits are stored in the subconscious. We will have learned how to cope with something many years ago in a particular way and our subconscious stores this information and repeats it if it found it useful. The only problem is that we often make these decisions when we are young which means that our methods of coping are usually incorrect or out of date.

OCD hypnosis can be used to find out the origin of an unhelpful pattern and once this is discovered therapy can be aimed at the outdated way of thinking rather than guessing at what the problem is consciously.

3) Suggestion Hypnosis Aimed at the Real Problem

Many people’s idea of hypnosis is that a hypnotherapist will give a suggestion and the patient or client will follow that instruction without question. In fact this is far from the case. As an illustration I will give you an example of a client who I saw for OCD related to a fear of a contamination or germs. This person was obsessed with anything coming in to the home that could make her or her family ill. Now with the traditional view of hypnosis people may be expecting suggestions to tell them to feel calmer, to worry less and so on and hope that the problem will stop but this didn’t work in this case. So what did?

In this scenario we discovered the root cause of the problem led back to when she was a little girl and her baby sister had died. She didn’t fully understand what was happening around her at that time but she felt that she was in some way responsible for baby becoming ill (which of course she was not). The OCD developed as a way of making sure she wouldn’t harm anyone else even though this thought pattern was not real. In this case suggestions were delivered in hypnosis to hammer home that whilst the death of her sister had been tragic she was in no way responsible. This is turn started to lower her fear about germs or contamination.

4) OCD Treatment by Breaking Patterns

When you have experienced OCD for a period of time you will have started to become a victim of classic conditioning. What do I mean by this? Let’s say you have a worry about checking whether something is locked. Every night before you go to bed you go round the house checking every lock in the house. You may do this a number of times. If you do this every day for a year your brain has become conditioned to expect this again and again. It may seem difficult to step away from this automated pattern not just because of the anxiety but the habit as well. Hypnosis can help people to break this patterns and associations by helping to make you more aware of what you are doing so you can interrupt the ritual.

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