Can Anger Management Therapy Help You Stay Calm?

Anger management Therapy Anger Management Therapy is a tool that we use with our clients to help them deal with fury, anger, frustration, annoyance and temper tantrums. In the vast majority of cases anger serves no helpful purpose and actually make situations worse. It is a negative emotion which can sometimes stay with a person for years and left unchecked can create other problems such as addictions or anxiety. We work with our clients to help them address the root causes of their anger so they can move forward feeling calmer.

Why do we feel Angry?

All of us will experience anger at some point on our lives and although the emotion is usually unhelpful it does not tend to last for very long. The problem is when someone has prolonged anger issues or has violent outbursts which have a negative impact on themselves or those around them. There are many reasons why people experience anger including:

  • Anger at Failure
  • Anger because of Injustice
  • Anger because of Frustration
  • Anger due to Bullying or Injustice
  • Anger because of Life Problems (Divorce, House Moves, Bereavement etc…)
  • Anger at Minor Issues such as Traffic or Queues
  • Anger in Relationships

When Does Anger Become a Problem?

Anger starts to become a problem when it begins to impact your relationships, work or general mood. If you are experiencing any of these issues then it may be time to get help for your problem with Anger Management Therapy.

  • Anger that makes you feel anxious, depressed or focused on negative feelings.
  • Feeling constantly irritated, frustrated or annoyed.
  • Taking every opportunity to argue with other people.
  • Using violence when you are angry.
  • Destroying things when you are angry.
  • Acting recklessly such as drinking too much or driving too fast when angry.
  • Threatening other people because of your anger.

How to Control Anger

There are a number of techniques that we use with our clients to help them control their anger. They include helping our clients recognise their triggers, teaching breathing techniques, impulse control therapy and relaxation techniques to help them feel stay more in control of their emotions. The purpose of all of these techniques is to help the person with anger issues stop and take control of their emotions rather than letting them overwhelm them in a moment of frustration or annoyance.

Impulse Control for Anger

Teaching impulse control as part of our anger management therapy is hugely important. It helps our clients to keep their emotions in check and allows them a greater sense of control. The purpose behind impulse control training is to get the client to stop and take time out before proceeding with what they would usually do. This allows them time out to think of the consequences of their actions before making a decision whether to carry on doing what they would normally do.

Hypnosis for Anger

Hypnosis for anger management forms the basis of much of our therapy sessions for two important reasons. Firstly it is a state of relaxation which can immediately calm down or reduce feelings of annoyance or frustration. When practiced regularly it can make a significant impact on a persons day to day emotions. Secondly through hypnosis we are usually able to find the root causes of the problem. Using regression therapy we take our client back through their memories to find the reasons for why their anger began and then stayed with them. Having this knowledge means that our anger therapy can be directed at the actual problem rather than guessing at what has gone wrong.

Self-Hypnosis for Anger Management

If you want to use self-hypnosis for anger management at home we have a relaxation audio that you can use daily to create feelings of peacefulness and calm. This audio is available to buy in our online store today.

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Anger Therapy Near Me

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