Alcohol Therapy in Nottingham

Are you finding that you are drinking too much? Has the occasional drink in the evening now become a nightly occurrence? Are you regularly drinking over the government guidelines and think that you need to make changes in your bad habits to protect your health? If so then our alcohol therapy in Nottingham may be Continue reading »

Hypnosis to Stop Drinking – 4 Ways to Kick Your Bad Habit

Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Reduction Hypnosis to stop drinking or to moderate your drinking is a useful tool to alter the way you think. At our clinics we used alcohol reduction hypnosis to help clients change their habits and behaviours to something more useful and productive for them. Most of the drinkers we see have habits Continue reading »

Can Hypnotherapy Help with Drinking?

We regularly get clients calling us and asking the question can hypnotherapy help with drinking? They want to know if hypnosis is a magic wand that can stop them instantly drinking forever without any effort. The answer is yes hypnosis can help you to moderate or even stop your drinking but probably not in the Continue reading »

Hypnosis to Stop Sugar Addiction

For our clients who have never experienced hypnosis before the expectations set for a single hypnosis session can be unrealistic. This is because TV and stage hypnosis has given people the impression that all someone needs to do is sit in my chair for an hour, I put them into a coma and by magic Continue reading »

Drink Less Alcohol Hypnotherapy Nottingham

At Balance Hypnotherapy we know that many of our clients would like to find a way to manage their drinking. This means that instead of drinking too much every night of the week they would like to find a way of controlling their intake.  In most cases this means being able to have a drink Continue reading »