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enclosed space hypnosisMany of our clients contact us for anxiety related issues or problems with fears and phobias and never realise that they suffer from claustrophobia.  They might have spent a lifetime avoiding flying, felt panic when they are are in crowds or found it difficult to get into a lift or use an MRI scanner but never realised that a few of enclosed spaces was behind their problem. In most cases our clients will also already have forgotten how their original problem began making it more difficult to pin point exactly what their problem is. Our enclosed space hypnosis is designed to help our clients understand the origins of their problem and take back some control.

Why Does Claustrophobia Start?

We are not born with a fear of enclosed spaces instead it tends to develop in early childhood when we encounter a situation that we can’t escape from. Most of my clients triggering event will have been relatively minor but to the child it will have felt far more traumatic. Just some of the problems I have seen included a client who had got stuck as a small child in the drawer under the bed, another who had been locked in the garage by a sibling and one that had got their head stuck in some fencing. None of these situations were life threatening but to the child who experienced the issue the problem seemed much bigger.

When we are faced with a situation where intense fear is created a part of our brain triggers a survival mechanism and quickly tries to make sure that a similar event does not happen. This means that any time our clients come close to a situation which reminds the brain of the previous trauma it triggers feelings of anxiety and panic to get us to avoid doing the same thing. The only problem is stuck in an old pattern of thinking and starts to warn us of issues where there is no real danger.

So the child who was stuck in a drawer has triggered a phobic response that says you can never go somewhere that you can’t get out of easily because there is danger. Years later they are on a plane and the door closes and the brain starts to trigger the anxiety as it feels as if this could be classed as something reasonably similar even though there is no real problem. The person of the plane only feels panic and has totally forgotten how the problem began all those years ago. Our job is to use enclosed space hypnosis to help our clients rationalise the situation through having all the facts.

Fear of Enclosed Spaces Treatment

Hypnosis can be a great way of remembering what the original problem was as it uses a deep state of focused relaxation that allows old memories to be more easily accessed. Having a conscious link or memory to help understand why the problem exists allows the adult brain to reorganise your thoughts into something more helpful. Plus as hypnosis involves a state of calm it can also help to lower the anxiety response and reduce any feelings of panic.

In addition to working with our clients to remember the root cause of the problem we also can utilise techniques such as the NLP fast phobia technique to take the sting out of the memory which can lessen or remove sypmtoms in many people. Hypnotherapy for Claustrophobia can be an extremely effective way of resolving the problem sometimes in as little as two or three sessions.

Self Help for Claustrophobia

Self Hypnosis for a fear of enclosed spaces can also be used at home to help combat the fear. This method uses the power of deep relaxation to reduce feelings of anxiety and introduce better more positive suggestions into the subconscious mind. We have our Ultimate Stop Anxiety program mp3 download available in our online store which can assist. This self hypnosis audio download has tracks to help with worrying and negative thinking, generalised anxiety as well as feelings of panic.


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Fear of Enclosed Spaces Help

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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