Driving Hypnosis for Driving Fears

Driving Hypnosis for Driving Fears and Driving AnxietyIt is far from unusual for us to see clients experiencing problems with driving anxiety and its associated issues. When many people drive they feel that they are out of control, that they are in danger or that they are trapped in the vehicle so feelings of panic start. Sometimes this fear is triggered because the person has felt some danger when they are in the car but on other occasions the problem is linked to something else which does not immediately seem obvious to the person behind the wheel. Driving hypnosis for driving fears is designed to help calm down the anxiety response and then where possible find the root cause of the problem.

Hypnosis for Driving Anxiety

The state of hypnosis is the complete opposite to a state of anxiety. When people are in a trance they feel much calmer, more focussed and in control. Our job is to teach our clients how to enter this state naturally through self-hypnosis so they can utilise these feelings to remain calm when they are in their cars. Just this form of stress and anxiety reduction alone is usually enough to significantly reduce fears around driving. When our clients have got used to being able to enter a deeper state of hypnosis their minds are more easily able to remember the incident or incidents that may have started their problem. Driving hypnosis for driving fears is designed to help change the subconscious learning from this incident so that new positive behaviours can be introduced.

In many cases the problems are clients tell us about are nothing to do with driving. For example if you are feeling stressed at work and have a nightmare boss you may experience panic in the car on the way to work. You believe that the problem is because of the car but in fact it is the issue with stress at work that is the real issue. Or perhaps you are experiencing panic about panic. For example you may have had intense feelings of anxiety at one junction on a motorway so anytime that you drive past that same junction you believe that the same problem could happen again. We help you understand that this is an irrational response so that you can take back control.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Motorway Driving

Our clients experience problems with all kinds of driving issues such as driving tests, general driving or fear of bridges but the one that comes up most often is a fear of motorway driving. This tends to be because motorways are much faster roads, there is a large amount of traffic on them and it can be difficult to easily get off them and stop if you feel feelings of panic. In fact motorways are some of the safest roads that there are but this does not mean our clients won’t experience irrational thoughts. As in problems with general driving anxiety we spend time trying to find out what the root cause of the problem is so our clients can take back some control.

Fear of Driving Program – Self-Hypnosis for Driving

Although most of our clients come to our clinics for help it is still possible to calm down an anxiety response with self-hypnosis. This is why we sell a Fear of Driving Hypnosis Download in our online store so that our clients can use the power of hypnosis at home. Used regularly this driving anxiety hypnosis mp3 can help to relax you and reduce feelings of anxiety and panic. It can be used in conjunction with any of the audios from our ultimate stop anxiety program. This hypnosis download is available to purchase from our online store.

Driving Fear - Driving Hypnosis Downloadhttps://www.balancehypnotherapynottingham.co.uk/shop/conquer-fear-driving-mp3/

Hypnotherapy for Driving Phobia

To find out more about driving hypnosis for driving fear why not give us a call to discuss your problem. Driving fears are incredibly common but with the right help you can be back in the car again. Simply call us at the number below or fill out our contact form.

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*Disclaimer – Please note as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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