Drink Less Alcohol Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Hypnotherapy for Drinking NottinghamAt Balance Hypnotherapy we know that many of our clients would like to find a way to manage their drinking. This means that instead of drinking too much every night of the week they would like to find a way of controlling their intake.  In most cases this means being able to have a drink socially or on a few evenings a week without drinking to excess. Our drink less alcohol hypnotherapy Nottingham program aims to help you to deal with any emotional reasons for your drinking so that you can take back control of not only your drinking but your health.

We understand that in many cases your drinking habit will have been something that will have crept up over time. It may have started to help you deal with stress, anxiety or to help you get to sleep. In the short term this may have felt that it helped but over time you will have become more and more reliant on alcohol so that before you knew it you were drinking every night of the week. In most cases this does not mean that you are addicted to drinking but have simply created a bad habit which you are finding difficult to break. Our hypnosis for drinking sessions are aimed at aiding our clients to alter their associations and habits so that new alternative positive behaviours can be created. This will change the current drinking habits that you have to that you can regain control.

Hypnosis and Alcohol Help Nottingham

During your hypnosis sessions we firstly look at some of the underlying reasons why you may be experiencing a problem with your drinking. As your consumption increased over time you may have forgotten why you started to drink but we know that it can be for reasons such as:

If any of these issues still exist then the first thing we would look at is trying to help you with the underlying cause. Hypnosis is an excellent way of helping people to switch off from anxiety and worry which means that all of the problems above can seem more manageable. When the underlying causes are being tackled it makes it so much easier for you to make changes in your habit.

Once these issues are being tackled we then start to use a combination of positive suggestion and hypnotic reprogramming to help change your old behaviours. The aim is to use motivational and confidence boosting techniques to help you to make changes in your habits. For some of our clients this may mean no drinking at all but for others this could be cutting down the number of drinks they have each night so that they are taking back control over their consumption. Our drink less alcohol Nottingham program works with you no matter what your particular preference is.

Are you Drinking too Much?

  • If you identify with any of the following then you may need to support to curb your alcohol consumption.
  • Drinking by yourself
  • Drinking when you are bored
  • Binge Drinking
  • Using drink to get to sleep
  • Feeling hungover and lethargic evey day
  • Neglecting your work and relationships because of drinking
  • Drinking every night of the week
  • Consuming more than a few drinks in one sitting

Hypnotherapy for Alcohol in Nottingham

If you would like to get help for your drinking habit then we offer a free telephone consultation to all our clients to help them take back control. Our drink less alcohol hypnotherapy Nottingham program lasts for four sessions which are spread one to two weeks apart. During these sessions we work with you to tackle the underlying causes for your drinking so that you can start to take or leave alcohol rather than relying on it to get you through the week. For more information simply call us on : 01636 650 521