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Anxiety Help NottinghamBalance Hypnotherapy offer anxiety help in Nottingham to clients suffering from all forms of the disorder. In particular we work with clients who are experiencing issues with generalised anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, OCD, Social anxiety as well as PTSD. We are aware that currently the options for most people are relatively limited when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Our typical clients have visited their GP’s on a number of occasions but find that they are just sent home with tablets. Whilst medication is certainly advisible in severe cases of anxiety it does not tend to deal with the underlying cause. This is why we can see a client who has been on anxiety pills for ten years but is still feeling anxious.

Overcoming Worry and Fear

With years of experience working with anxiety we know that the best way to tackle anxiety is through addressing the root cause. Anxiety is simply an evolutionary mechanism designed to keep you safe. The response that you feel when you suffer from anxiety is a part of your brain warning you to get away from a situation, person or place. It is never trying to harm you instead it is accessing information that it learned years ago from an event that upset, scared or embarrassed you. This event may be something you remember (or not) but you have probably never connected it to the problem that you are experiencing now.

Our anxiety help in Nottingham helps to relax you enough under hypnosis so that you can remember this incident or reconnect the moment to what is happening now. A simple example would be a client who comes in with a fear of flying. They may be convinced that they are frightened of airplanes or flying but in most cases this simply isn’t the case. One of our clients got trapped in a drawer under a bed when they were a child. The brain learned that it never wanted to go into a place again where it couldn’t get out of. Years later they get on a plane and the doors shut and the brain starts to give them anxious feelings as it reconnects the feeling with being stuck in the drawer.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety is a natural remedy in that it does not require you to take medication or use something unnatural in order to make changes to the way that you feel. Anxiety is a deep state of concentrated relaxation where you can access these memories or feelings much quicker and easier that you would in your normal waking state. You are never asleep but in a much more “chilled” place allowing a skilled hypnotherapist to ask you questions to get to the heart of where the problem is. As well as hypnosis the use of other talking therapies such as CBT can also be useful in anxiety recovery.

Online Recovery Programs for Anxiety

We don’t just see clients in Nottinghamshire we also run online recovery programs for anxiety worldwide. Depending on your budget and availability we see clients online via Skype, Facebook video or Facetime. These sessions are one to one and bespoke to you. We also have an online stop anxiety course as well as an overcome anxiety hypnosis download. Both of these products can be purchased in our online store.

Anxiety Help Nottinghamanxiety help Nottingham

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Arranging Your Sessions

If you would like anxiety help in Nottingham or would like to book our online sessions you can arrange a short telephone discussion to get more details about our programs or to arrange sessions. Simply call us on:

01636 650 521

* Disclaimer – Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which can vary from person to person.

Anxiety Help Nottingham
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