Fear of Flying MP3 Download


Conquer your Fear of Flying mp3 Hypnosis Download. Available to purchase now. See below for details.


Our Professionally produced Fear of Flying mp3 download enables you to utilise self hypnosis to control the feelings of panic or anxiety you may have before or during a flight.  Anxiety is a state of fear where your body enters into “fight or flight” mode and feels the need to run away or escape from the situation that you are in. Deep relaxation through self hypnosis can enable your body to feel calm and relaxed thereby reducing the anxiety symptoms.*

Use this Fear of Flying mp3 download daily and train your mind and body to reduce any “fight or flight” feelings created by your nervous system. Relaxation is the enemy of relaxation so regular practice with this audio can help you to regain control of your anxiety.*

In this Fear of Flying mp3 Download you will be given subconscious messages which can assist you in identifying where your anxiety about flying has come from. Some people are worried about not being in control during a flight, others panic because they suffer from claustrophobia or in some cases people are worried about the noises or turbulence. The messages delivered during this audio will help to retrain your subconscious to be calmer in these situations so that you can take back control. The audio also induces a state of deep relaxation which helps to reduce any stress or anxiety associated with flying. Flying Anxiety can also be controlled through the use of distraction and acceptance techniques. When you understand the reasons for your anxiety and realise that it cannot harm you then it can slowly be brought under control.*

In order to get the full benefit of the Fear of Flying mp3 download please listen to it every day for a minimum of 21 days before your flight. You can also use the download during your flight to keep you feeling calm and relaxed. To enhance your results you can also purchase our Overcome Anxiety audio to help your mind reduce any fearful feelings. You can also use our relaxation audio to help create general calm feelings.*

Disclaimer* Please note that our audios are designed to give you positive suggestions and to help with visualisation for change. They are not a substiture for therapy or tailored to each individual buyer. This means we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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