Conquer a Fear of Driving mp3



Our Professionally produced Conquer a Fear of Driving Hypnosis mp3 enables you to utilise self hypnosis to reduce any anxiety you may feel about getting into a car. This audio is designed to help you to understand the triggers behind your fears and then give you coping strategies to help you feel calmer and more in control.*

Self hypnosis is a form of deep and concentrated relaxation which can help you feel relaxed and less anxious. When you are in a state of self hypnosis your subconscious is more suggestible and therefore the positive suggestions from the audio can help many people feel calmer and more in control when they are driving.*

By listening to our Conquer a Fear of Driving Hypnosis mp3 you are training your mind to think more rationally which helps to stop the fear trigger response that you may be currently experiencing. This audio is designed to help you to build confidence, take you outside your normal comfort zone and to reduce any negative thoughts you have built up around driving. Through the use of visualisation, hypnosis and mental rehearsal you are given techniques to help you conquer any fears associated with driving. With repeated listening and practice the audio can help to calm down that anxiety.*

In order to get the full benefit of our hypnosis audio Conquer a Fear of Driving Hypnosis mp3 listen to it daily for a minimum of 21 days. We recommend that you combine our driving audio with our confidence hypnosis mp3 and relaxation hypnosis to enhance your results.*

Disclaimer* Please note that our audios are designed to give you positive suggestions and to help with visualisation for change. They are not a substiture for therapy or tailored to each individual buyer. This means we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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