Confidence Hypnosis in Nottingham

Confidence Hypnosis in NottinghamBalance Hypnosis are experts in Confidence Hypnosis in Nottingham. We know that many of our clients may have suffered for years from a lack of confidence. That means that certain situations will have made them feel anxious or fearful and held them back from achieving their true potential. Many of our clients will have been:

  • Held back from promotion at work because of their problem.
  • Had difficulties building relationships both in their personal and in their professional lives.
  • Earned less money than their peers at work because they never pushed themselves forward to be recognised for their efforts.
  • Had difficulty being in the spotlight or speaking in front of others.
  • Had additional fears and phobias because of their problem such as a fear of flying or driving.

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Where does a Lack of Confidence Come from?

From working with many clients over the years we know that issues with confidence typically (but not always) start in childhood. So for example:

  1. Family – Did you have over protective parents who would try and stop you from doing tasks? Or perhaps you had parents who were self critical and negative? Alternatively you may have had a sibling who seemed to excel at everything and you felt second best. Any of these situations can impact a childs confidence. Once the child receives a negative reaction for something it has done or been told that it should not be doing a task it learns it is easier not to do anything at all. The lesson has been learned by the subconscious which then continues to get the child to avoid situatios where it thinks it may get criticim or negative feedback.
  2. Teachers – As a child our teachers are a huge part of our world and act as authority figures. If a teacher tells us that we are wrong, bad or stupid then be are going to believe them especially if the same message is repeated a number of times. Sadly there are good teachers and bad out there and if a child encounters the bad then it can have an impact on their confidence which is then carried through until adulthood.
  3. Friends – Not only do we learn lessons from authority figures but also from our peers. It is not unusual to find that problems with social anxiety can come from situations where a client embarrassed themselves in front of their friends by saying or doing the wrong thing. That horrible memory will be stuck in the subconscious and prevent the child from wanting to attempt something similar again.
  4. Illness of Disability – If we suffer from a long term health condition or have an issue such as dyslexia it can shape our confidence. Dyslexics for example may find difficulty with reading or writing. If they are not diagnosed at a young age that can make them feel stupid or inferior leading to a lack of confidence.
  5. Partners – As we get old our partners can also influence our confidence. If you are in a negative relationship and your partner constantly criticses your appearance or your intelligence then eventually some of that criticism will stick. It is almost a form of reverse hypnosis. Unlike clinical hypnotherapy which aims to give positive repeated suggestion for change, negative suggestions also sink into our unconscious awareness and some of them will stay there.
  6. Employers – An issue we see at the clinic regularly are bullying or self critical bosses. Some stories we have heard are even more extreme with managers reguarly screaming at their employees. This kind of behaviour can begin to make you feel depressed and anxious especially when you are worried about how you will earn money if you have to leave the job. Of course the longer you stay in such a role the more your confidence is knocked and before you know it you feel trapped because you believe that no other employer would want you.

How Can Confidence Coaching Help?

Our Confidence Hypnosis in Nottingham programs are designed to help our clients change their mindset so that anxieties and fears are reduced. We work with our clients to help them understand where their problems may have come from and then help them overcome the negative thinking behind their thought processes. Typically in our sessions we help you to:

Boost your self esteem and general confidence levels.

Understand the psychological barriers which are preventing you from success.

Use therapeutic techniques to manage your anxiety and fear.

Banish procrastination so that instead of thinking about doing something we get you to take action.

Seize opportunities that come your way rather than avoiding them.

Increase your general energy and motivation levels.

All our clients also receive a Confidence Hypnosis Download that they can listen to at home to aid self hypnosis.

Booking Our Confidence Classes

If you would like more information about our Confidence Hypnosis in Nottingham then please feel free to give us a call for a free telephone consultation. We will then explain exactly how our coaching and hypnosis sessions are run and the number of sessions required for your program. Generally for small issues with confidence you may need as little as three sessions. If you have experienced long term negative thoughs and issues with confidence then we recommend four to six sessions. We can be reached at :

01636 650 521