Fear of Flying Three Session Program


Conquer a Fear of Flying Three Session Program



Our three session fear of flying hypnosis program is designed to help our clients take control over their anxiety and fear so that they can fly with ease. Each stage of our program is designed to give you the tools and strategies you need to help stay calm and in control when you are on a flight.*

Session One revolves around finding out more details about your particular version of the fear (everyone feels different) and teaching you how to use self hypnosis to feel calm and relaxed.*

Session Two is used to investigate the root cause for the flying fear.  Where possible we try and help you understand where your fear has come from enabling us to target therapy more accurately at the root cause. From experience we know that most of our clients don’t actually have a fear of flying. They may worry about not having control, fear embarrassing themselves in front of others or feel claustophobic in the aircraft. Treating the underlying cause has a greater chance of removing the fear.*

Session Three builds on the previous two sessions by boosting your confidence and belief in yourself to stay calm whilst in the air. We use coaching, NLP and hypnosis techniques to give you further tools to use to help you remain composed.*

For best results we recommend that these sessions are held at least one month before you are due to fly. You may still get a benefit from having hypnosis in the immediate lead up to the flight but as this creates further anxiety and pressure so it is not advised. Generally we hold sessions around one week apart.

How do I Book My Fear of Flying Program?

To arrange a booking simply arrange your payment via the shop making sure that you use the email you wanted to be contacted on in the purchase. We will then contact you within 24 hours (Monday- Friday excluding Bank Holidays) to arrange a booking date.

Sessions can be taken online via Skype or Facetime on Monday to Thursday 10am until latest appointment 7pm until 8pm subject to availability.

Face to face sessions in Nottinghamshire can also be arranged. Appointments in West Bridgford are limited to Tuesday afternoon/evenings only. Sessions in Farndon near Newark are available from Monday to Thursday 10am until 7pm excluding Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Please note that when a booking is made for a program no refunds will be issued.

Any materials or recordings given as part of this program are for your own personal use only and must not be forwarded to other third parties or resold.

We do not accept liability if a session is not able to take place because you have problems with technology. Therapy must also be held in a suitable safe environment otherwise your session will be terminated.

*Disclaimer please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to make guarantees and results may vary from person to person.