Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Grantham

weight Loss hypnotherapy GranthamWeight Loss Hypnosis in Grantham

If you are looking at getting Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Grantham then Balance Hypnosis run one of our highly successful clinics near Newark on Trent which is only a few miles away. Balance Hypnosis is run by Martina McKeough a senior qualified clinical hypnotherapist with vast experience in working with eating issues. Having run a highly successful clinic in Harley Street London she has now relocated to the East Midlands and offers all forms of hypnotherapy relating to eating issues.

At our weight loss clinics we specialise in helping people who are struggling with eating issues. This could be because of general overeating but also due to binge eating, sugar addiction or even bulimia. Every client who comes to see us is first given an extensive general assessment before any hypnosis takes place. We like to ask detailed questions because this allows us to get a comprehensive picture of the problem before we begin our work. Our clinics take a holistic view on weight issues which means that we do not just treat the presenting problem but the issues which are underpinning it as well.

For clients who are unable to attend our clinics we have a wide selection of weight loss mp3 downloads available to buy at our online shop.

weight loss hypnosis downloadWeight Loss Hypnosis Grantham

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Grantham

In addition to our general weight loss hypnotherapy we also offer Gastric Band Hypnosis. This is a form of hypnosis which not only questions the reasons for your problem with food but involves a virtual operation in the latter sessions. During these sessions we use a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, NLP and Hypnosis to help you make the necessary changes to your eating patterns.*

The Virtual Gastric Band works by helping to trick your subconscious into eating less because it believes that your stomach has reduced in size. This is an entirely natural treatment which involves no risky surgery. We have had incredible success with this form of weight loss hypnotherapy which takes place over five sessions. One of our clients lost an incredible ten stone by using this form of weight loss hypnosis.*

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Grantham Programs

When we book our clients for weight loss we book them in for a program of sessions. We never work with a client for just one session as it is impossible to make significant changes to a lifetime problem in just an hour. Generally our clients will fit into these three categories:

3 Session Weight Loss Program – Ideal for people who are less than two stone overweight and who have no significant emotional issues to work on during the session. This program is also suitable for sugar and chocolate addicts.*

5 Session Weight Loss Program – Designed for people over two stone overweight or those with emotional issues which need to be resolved. We also use five sessions for all clients who are suffering from binge eating or bulimia.*

8 Session Weight Loss Program – If you are more than six stone overweight or would like longer term support with your weight loss goals then this is a program which is ideal for you.*

Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Consultations

Before booking you as a client we offer you a free telephone consultation before your session. This consultation lasts for approximately twenty minutes and allows you to ask questions about how we run our sessions and what to expect from hypnosis. If you would like to have a consultation or book your sessions simply call us today on the number below and ask for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Grantham.

01636 650 521

Disclaimer * Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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