Stop Male Performance Anxiety mp3



Due to social media interactions and the free availability of porn unrealistic expectations are now created in society about what you should look like and how you should be performing in the bedroom. The problem with these mediums is that they are not realistic. The people are generally models, the photos and videos and enhanced by computers yet many men may feel a pressure to live up to what they see on the screen. This of course creates feelings of anxiety and worry and this can lead to issues appearing when sex is involed. Our audio mp3 for Stop Male Performance Anxiety has been created to help the listener get into a deep state of relaxation so that the anxiety and worry can be controlled.*

It is well known that in most cases there is unlikely to be a physical issue that is creating a problem for men in the bedroom. Generally the issues are created by anxiety which can make you nervous or fearful. When we suffer from anxiety we worry about all the things that have not happened and focus on anything that has not gone perfectly or where we believe we have failed. The more the focus is on the negative thought the more likely it is that the problem will occur again. If this happens a few times then you create a trigger response. You only have to think about going to bed with a woman and the negative feelings resurface. This is a cycle of negative thinking which means that the problem will repeat itself. Our Stop Male Performance Anxiety mp3 has been created to help you halt those negative thoughts and feelings.*

Listen to our mp3 daily in order to increase feelings of relaxation and calm. This audio can also be used before sex so that your mindset is more positive. If you want to increase the effectiveness of the audio then it can be combined with our Relaxation Hypnotherapy audio download. If your problems are also linked with impotence then you could also purchase our Overcome Impotence audio download.

Disclaimer* Please note that our audios are designed to give you positive suggestions and to help with visualisation for change. They are not a substiture for therapy or tailored to each individual buyer. This means we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.


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