Hypnotherapy for Bulimia in Lincoln

Hypnotherapy Bulimia in Lincoln LincolnshireHypnosis for Bulimia in Lincolnshire

If you suffer from Bulimia Nervosa you are likely to be experiencing periods of extreme overeating which are then followed by periods were you feel the need to purge to get rid of the calories you have eaten. Even though most people associate this purging with the need to vomit in many cases you may feel the need to exercise to excess or even use laxatives in order to get rid of the calories. Our Hypnotherapy for Bulimia in Lincoln is designed to help you change this unhealthy behaviour as well as assist you in managing any issues which could be underlying your problem such as anxiety or stress.*

Typical Bulimia Symptoms

If you have bulimia nervosa it is likely that you will suffer from a number of the following:

  • Feeling unable to control your eating
  • Excessive food intake followed by the need to restrict calories
  • Making yourself sick after eating
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Perfectionism
  • Issues with anxiety or stress
  • Depression
  • The need to over exercise

The Bulimia Cycle

When you suffer from bulimia it is likely that you have entered into a vicious cycle that you have been unable to break out of. Your problem may have started because of anxiety or stress or even because of low self esteem and in order to control your emotions food was used as a form of comfort or a dissociative tool. The problem is that once you have finished an episode where you have overeaten you feel guilt and out of control. Therefore you may resolve to restrict your calories as much as you can to prevent this from happening again. The problem is that the restriction is usually too severe and you are unable to stick to it creating the need to overeat again. This cycle then continues with many people who have experienced the problem having issues for many months or even years. Our Hypnotherapy for Bulimia in Lincoln works with you to find ways in which this unhelpful cycle can be broken.*

Hypnosis for Bulimia Recovery

During sessions with our clients we work with you to address some of the major reasons why this eating disorder persists. Typically you will find our programs involve therapy to address:

  • Low Self Esteem
  • Body Image Issues
  • The need for Perfection or Control
  • Relationship Problems with Partners and with Families
  • Anger Problems
  • Past criticism
  • Stress and Anxiety

Help for Bulimia in Lincoln

Understanding why you may be experiencing a problem is the first step in managing and finding a solution to this eating disorder. Hypnosis can be extremely helpful in assisting you to relax to reduce your stress and anxiety as well as assisting us in finding out what is troubling you subconsciously. Our Hypnosis for Bulimia program usually lasts for a minimum of five sessions which are held one to two weeks apart. Each session is designed to address an aspect or your problem and to help you recognise the triggers for a binge so that more positive behaviours can be put in place to halt the old unhelpful cycle. In order to assist our clients you will also be given an audio download to help you to manage stress and anxiety between each session.

Arranging Your Program 

For more information about our Hypnotherapy for Bulimia in Lincoln or to get any additional information about our hypnosis programs please contact us today on:

01636 650 521

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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