Hypnotherapy Southwell

Hypnotherapy SouthwellHypnosis in Southwell

Balance Hypnosis run a series of hypnotherapy clinics in the Nottingham area. Our clinics are situated throughout the East Midlands. If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Southwell then we have a number of clinics which are only a short drive away. Our Nearest clinic is based only a few miles away and can be reached via a short drive along the A617.

Our clinic is one of the leading hypnotherapy organisations in the UK today and our work has featured in many of the major Newspapers and publications in the country including The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily and Natural Health Magazine. As well as our work in the media we have worked with large corporations such as Tesco helping their staff manage stress.

As we understand how important it is for our clients to be comfortable with the way that we work we offer free telephone consultations. This allows you the chance to ask questions about our treatments and how they work. Simply call us today on the following number for more details

Hypnotherapy Southwell

Self Hypnosis Downloads

For clients who are unable to attend our clinics we offer sessions on Skype and Facetime as well as a full range of hypnotherapy downloads which can be purchased in our online store.

self hypnosis downloadsself hypnosis downloads

Southwell Hypnosis Treatments

Balance Hypnotherapy Southwell have a huge range of experience working with clients to help them reach their goals by the use of hypnosis, coaching methods and NLP. The company is owned by Martina McKeough who is Senior Qualified and an accredited supervisor for the General Hypnotherapy Register.  For many years Martina ran a very successful hypnotherapy clinic in Harley Street and has now relocated to the East Midlands. During her time in this clinic she helped many people remove limiting beliefs and fears, boost their confidence, stop smoking and lose weight. She is now bringing her methods and treatments to the area which include:*

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Southwell 

Ever tried to lose weight and shed a few pounds only to put it all back on again a few months later? If so you may be an emotional eater which means that one half of your mind is willing to work hard and be motivated to eat in a healthier way but the other half the subconscious has a different agenda. Perhaps it feeds you to help you deal with stress or because you feel anxious. Our weight loss sessions explore the reasons why part of you is holding you back so you can make positive changes.*

Anxiety Help Nottinghamshire

Feeling anxious and worried? When you feel on edge life can get you down in fact anxiety and depression are often linked. Anxiety can stop you doing the things you want to do and makes you afraid and alone. Believe it or not your mind is trying to help you by preventing you from encountering stressful or dangerous situations. We work with you to pin point where possible what the problem is so that you can take back control.*

Confidence Hypnosis 

When you lack confidence it can be hard to achieve what you want from life. Perhaps you are held back at work because you dislike being in the limelight or being put on the spot. Or do you feel that personal relationships suffer because you do not think you are interesting enough so hold yourself back from meeting new people? We help you find new ways to break down the barriers to your success so you can move into a new more positive future.*

Although these are some of our more popular treatments we also work with a huge range of problems and conditions. Simply call us if you are unsure whether we can help you.

Booking a Hypnosis Session

If you would like help for an unwanted condition or problem simply call us today for more details of our Hypnotherapy in Southwell and get your free telephone consultation:

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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