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Hypnotherapy Sherwood NottinghamHypnosis in Sherwood

Balance Hypnotherapy Sherwood are expert Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners in Nottinghamshire. At our clinics in the area we help you to remove negative thoughts and feelings so that you can achieve your goals. We are specialists in hypnosis and have extensive experience of working with helping clients to make changes which will help them reach their full potential.  Our clinics can be found In West Bridgford and Newark-on-Trent*

Hypnotherapy can be one of the best investments that you ever make. This is because it can empower you to make a difference to your thoughts and feelings. Once you challenge your old ways of working everything it becomes apparent that almost anything is possible. We have helped our clients to lose weight, stop smoking, remove their anxiety, sleep better and even find love. Why not call us and see how our personal development coaching and hypnosis could transform your way of thinking.*

At our clinics in Nottinghamshire we offer one-to-one sessions involving Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to move you towards your goals. For those of you who are unable to attend sessions in person we also offer sessions via Skype or Facetime. Online Hypnotherapy is now approved by the General Hypnotherapy Register and is just as effective at helping you to make positive changes.*

Hypnosis Downloads

In addition to our work with clients at our clinics in Nottinghamshire we also sell self-hypnosis downloads in our online store. We offer mp3 audio recordings for everything from confidence to weight loss and anxiety help.

self hypnosis downloadsself hypnosis downloads

Sherwood Hypnosis

Our nearest clinics to the Sherwood area are in The Park and West Bridgford in Nottingham. We also have a clinic which is based near Newark-on-Trent. Simply call us to find out which clinic is the most convenient for you. At our clinics we offer an extensive range of treatments such as:

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Get help to lose weight with the Virtual Gastric Band system. Five sessions of weight loss hypnotherapy with a specialist. Our biggest loser to date has lost over ten stone using this system!*

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

For those of you who would like to tackle the emotional reasons for your weight issues then we offer sessions to help you take back control of your comfort eating. We also work with sugar and chocolate addiction, binge eating, mindful eating and portion control.*

Anxiety Help in Nottingham

If you suffer from anxiety or fears and phobias we can help you to regain control of your anxious thoughts. We even offer a free audio with our program to help you with self hypnosis in your home.*

Confidence Coaching

Ever feel that something is holding you back? Do you lack the confidence to get that promotion, that partner or that job you are after? Many of our issues stem from what other people have said and done to us in the past. We help you to understand why you may feel that way and then move you forward to new ways of thinking.*

Booking a Therapy Session

If you would like Hypnotherapy in Sherwood or want to talk to a practitioner simply ring:

01636 650 521

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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