Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying NottinghamHypnotherapy Fear of Flying Nottingham

Balance Hypnosis are experts in working with people with fears and phobias. Our Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying Nottingham program is designed to help our clients understand the reasons why they may have their problem and to help them to change their mindset. Our program tackles the reasons for irrational thoughts and works with you to help you think in a calmer and more logical manner so that you are able to control feelings of anxiety and panic.*

Why People Have a Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy for Fear of flying may not only tackle your problem with flying. This is because general stress or anxiety may mean that your fear lies elsewhere. It is not uncommon for flying problems to be associated with:

Claustrophobia – The mind does not mind the flight but has problems being in a confined space or feeling trapped.

Control Issues – Part of your mind has a reason for feeling it needs to be in control at all time.

Escape – Your anxiety revolves around the need to have a way out at all times.

Noise – You are unfamiliar with the normal sounds of an aircraft and so mistake the noises for something sinister.

Turbulence – The bumps experienced in turbulence make you feel scared

General Anxiety – You have a number of fears and phobias and flying is only one of them.

Self-Hypnosis Fear of Flying

As Hypnosis for Flying Fears can help you feel calmer and more relaxed it may help you avoid self medicating with prescription drugs and alcohol. All our clients are taught self hypnosis which is a powerful way of creating relaxed feelings naturally. We also give all our clients a free Fear of Flying mp3 Download which they can use during the flight to help them manage their anxiety levels. We recommend that this audio is used for at least 21 days in the lead up to your flight.*

If you are unable to attend our clinic then you can buy our Fear of Flying audio download from our online shop.

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Learn to Control Your Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

Our Hypnotherapy Clinics in Nottinghamshire help you to understand the way in which your mind processes fear so that you can create new behaviours to change the way you think, feel and behave. In our sessions we challenge your unhelpful ways of thinking and help you to replace your negative thoughts with new positive ways of reacting.*

Booking Your Fear of Flying Program

To find out more about our Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying in Nottingham or any other of our treatment programs then simply give us a call today to book your appointment or to discuss your issues on:

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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