Hypnotherapy Derby

Hypnotherapy DerbyAfter many successful years working in the South East Balance Hypnosis have now expanded their hypnosis clinics into Nottinghamshire and The East Midlands. Now you can get the experience of a Harley Street practitioner in Derbyshire and Notts. Our clinics are run by a Senior Qualified Hypnotis, NLP practitioner and hypnosis supervisor. The methods we use are highly successful and have featured in The Sun and The Mirror as well as in Natural Health Magazine. We have also consulted for the BBC and ITV as well as appeared on LBC radio.

If you were unaware many hypnotherapists practicing today are doing so on a part time basis. That means they may only see very few clients each week. Our clinics operate full time which means that we have a depth of experience which many hypnotherapists will be unable to match. We have seen thousands of clients since we have been in full time practice which means that we are likely to have come across similar problems to yours many many times and successfully resolved them.

Hypnotherapy Derby

Many hypnotists use simple suggestion and positive visualisation to bring about change Whilst this can be useful it often does not get to the heart of the problem or create lasting change. We work with our clients on a much deeper analytical level so we find out the root cause of your problems. When we understand what has created them we then work with you to move into new positive behaviours or habits where you feel more in control. Just some of our areas of expertise include:

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Derby – In Harley Street we ran a very successful weight loss clinic. We have helped many people shed the pounds and our biggest loser to date has lost a whopping ten stone and is still going! Our Weight Loss Services are extensive and include everything from sugar addiction to comfort eating, and general weight loss. For those of you who may have an eating disorder such as binge eating or bulimia then we also have great programs which can help you to stop the negative cycle of eating. All the details for our programs can be found on our website.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Derby– As well as our general weight loss programs we also run the famous Hypno-Band system. This form of hypnosis was created relatively recently and uses the power of the mind to recreate gastric band surgery. The idea is to trick your mind into eating less.

Stop Smoking Derby– If you have been trying to quit the habit by yourself and are finding that it is problematic give us a call. We are experienced in helping our clients stop smoking in as little as one session.

Confidence Building – Is your lack of confidence holding you back. Don’t allow the way that you feel stop you from getting the job that you want or the partner of your dreams. We work with you to overcome the barriers in your mind so that you can be successful.

Sleep Hypnosis Derby – Having problems with Insomnia? Desperately trying to get the rest you need but are finding that your mind is keeping you awake? We run sleep hypnotherapy sessions to get you sleeping like a baby again.

These are just a few of our most popular treatments but we offer everything from help with spider phobias to fertility hypnosis. If your problem is not listed on our website don’t worry simply give us a call to see how we can help you on:

01636 650 521