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Binge Eating is classified as an eating disorder when an individual eats large quantities of food when they know they are not hungry. In many cases the binges may be done in secret and food may have been purchased specifically for a binge. There is a large amount of guilt and shame associated with this form of eating especially when the binge eater is consuming large quantities of food on an almost daily basis. Our Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating program in Nottinghamshire can help you to address the reasons for the binge behaviour so that you take back control.*

There are a number of reasons which may cause a person to binge. It is not unusual for people who try and restrict their calories to suffer from the disorder. This is because long term calorie restriction is very difficult to sustain creating an urge for the person to binge. Other reasons for the problem include:

Self Esteem Issues If you do not like the way you look it can create a striving for perfectionism through weight loss which can cause you to binge.

Anxiety or StressWhen you are feeling on edge and out of control or fearful then food becomes a way of distracting yourself from the underlying problem. During a binge the person dissociates from the issue but it returns again once the overeating has finished.

Eating Disorders – If a person has suffered from Bulimia or Anorexia in the past they are more likely to suffer from the disorder.

There is a distinction between a binge eater and a bulimic. Unlike a bulimic a binge eater will not purge after they have overeaten. This means that people with Binge Eating Disorder may gain large amounts of weight.

Binge Eating Hypnosis Nottingham

At our clinics throughout Nottinghamshire we have a specialised program to help people to take back control over their problem. The program takes place over five sessions which are spread one to two weeks apart. Each session during the program lasts for one hour. At the initial session of the Binge Eating Hypnotherapy program we will spend time with you taking a case history and talking about any emotional problems which could be contributing to your problem.*

Where possible we try and conduct suggestion hypnosis in this session to make you familiar with the deep relaxation that is involved in hypnotherapy. Following this session you will be given an audio to listen to help deepen the relaxation for the next session and to help you tackle any anxiety or stress. For people who are unable to attend our clinics this audio can be purchased at our online shop.*

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Our following sessions use analytical hypnotherapy to help to determine where possible why your problem began and to help you move forward. In many cases our clients are not consciously aware of what may have started the problem or have not associated a memory with the issue. Our senior qualified hypnotherapist is an expert in asking the right questions to uncover the problem so they can address behaviour change.*

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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