Hypnosis to Stop Sugar Addiction

Hypnosis to Stop Sugar AddictionFor our clients who have never experienced hypnosis before the expectations set for a single hypnosis session can be unrealistic. This is because TV and stage hypnosis has given people the impression that all someone needs to do is sit in my chair for an hour, I put them into a coma and by magic at the end of their session they walk out a changed person. Now this would be lovely if it were the case but hypnosis is much more complex than people think. Let’s take the example of Hypnosis to Stop Sugar Addiction and how we run a typical program to help with this problem.

It all starts with a general assessment at the first session. We want to know as much as we can about our clients general mental and physical health. Are they sleeping properly? Are they stressed? Do they suffer from anxiety? Have medical issues? Is sugar their only problem or do they also experience an issue with food in general? This assessment takes a good part of the first session as we need to understand the possible reasons for our clients problems with sugar. From our experience a real sugar addiction may not be very overweight, may have problems with stress and may use sugar as a comfort blanket to deal with negative emotions.

Hypnotherapy to Overcome Sugar Cravings

When we start working with our clients we usually start with the basics first. Teaching our clients mindful eating as well as habit reversal training to break the cycle of eating too much sugar. During our first session we also conduct a suggestion hypnosis session using mild aversion techniques to help our clients feel more motivated about breaking their habit as well as helping them to dislike the sugar more. At the end of our session we send out clients away with a hypnosis download to listen to daily to change how they think subconsicously about sugar.

Sugar Addiction Hypnosis Download

Our sugar addiction hypnosis download is given free to anyone who takes part in our program but we also sell this audio in our online store. Self hypnosis to Stop Sugar Addiction can be a useful tool for clients to use in the comfort of their own home to help adjust their mindset around sugar.

Sugar Addiction Hypnosis Download





self-hypnosis to stop sugar addiction




How To Stop Sugar Cravings with More Complex Therapy

For a good percentage of our clients mindfulness, suggestion and habit reversal mixed in with some good old self hypnosis is enough to stop the problem but for others we need to take things one step further. Finding the root cause of a problem is sometimes unavoidable as without understanding why the person is craving sugar the issue is never resolved. In more complex cases sugar has been used as an emotional crutch to deal with another feeling. Sugar is just the symptom not the real problem. Many of our clients have used sugar to soothe themselves because they have an underlying sadness, because they have associated sugar with love or it is used to suppress stress and anxiety. In each of these cases we have conducted much more complex therapy to help our clients make changes to their underlying emotions.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Sugar Habit

If you want to book hypnosis to stop sugar cravings or need help with any other food related problem you can call us today to arrange your program of sessions. Simply call us on:

01636 650 521

*Disclaimer – Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to offer guarantees and results may vary from person to person.


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